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Finca Pintascayo Road
Yellow butterfly, Salta



Finca Pintascayo is located in the Iruya Department, in the North of the province of Salta, distant approximately 70 km from the city of Oran, with access by Provincial Nº18 route.

It has approximately 50 thousand hectares and is adjacent to two important rivers, the Rio Iruya and river Pescado. It also shares boundaries with the Laguna Pintascayo Provincial Park and the Baritú National Park.


The location of Finca Pintascayo is privileged since it is located in the heart of the Yungas, in the area known as high basin of the Rio Bermejo which constitutes a priority area for conservation and sustainable development.

Environmental buffer zone

Should be noted that the farm is included in the Yungas of biosphere reserve, declared by UNESCO in November 2002 in the framework of the programme Man and the Biosphere. It is important since it is classified as a buffer zone of the National Park Baritú and provincial Reserve Laguna Pintascayo, both zones center of the reserve of the biosphere of the Yungas.


Biosphere reserves are internationally recognized although they remain under the sovereignty of their country and they are not covered or protected by any international treaty.  They are selected for their scientific interest based on a series of criteria that determine if a space is included in the program. The function of these spaces is in addition to the conservation and protection of biodiversity, human and economic development of these areas, research, education and the exchange of information between the different reserves that make up a global network

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